About Murray

Murray Farrell: At work Murray has been working in front of groups for over 30 years now.  It all started when he became a Technical Trainer in the 70’s as a young man. As a trainer or leader, we need excitement, energy and enthusiasm in our presentations because without these, our audience energy levels remain low and they are not engaged.  Additionally, a little bit of humour injected at the right moment helps people breathe deeper as they laugh and stimulate their concentration and attention mechanisms. The use of voice modulation techniques is another way to keep an audience on track. Variations of pitch, speed, volume and the timed pause are methods we can use as speakers to steer away from what audiences see as a monotonous drone. Look at the word ‘monotonous’ and we see ‘mono tones’. Whatever you do avoid mono tones when you speak.

As an MC, Murray gives enthusiastic  introductions for performers and speakers. This is to build them up, get them in a zone where they are ready willing and able to deliver that speech or toast, or even play Schubert’s Concerto for Trumpet. Yes, a trumpet player said, “Your introduction made me enthusiastic about playing”.  But being an MC is not just about making people enthusiastic or feel enthusiastic, it’s about planning, coordination and communication to make an event flow even though there may be underlying drama and last minute ‘glitches’ to potentially create  problems. Being a good MC comes from piles of experience over numerous years. Murray worked with groups training them in complex technologies all around Australia and in Hong Kong and Thailand too.

Complex technologies require simple, easy to follow explanations as do audiences at functions. The overseas experiences also made Murray very aware of different cultures, their traditions and practices. So what about rates? If budget is of no concern, Murray can refer you to a guy who will ask nearly $1,000 just to be MC for your wedding and five hours attendance. But if you don’t have that much cash to throw around you can always go for the bottom end of the market and get your DJ to be MC. And seriously some of these guys can only play music and articulating an introduction is a challenge on the scale of winning Master Chef. But when you want a quality, comprehensive wedding package, event planning and all skillfully  implemented, there’s only one thing to do and that is contact Murray Farrell now to discuss your needs.