Wedding FAQ

The Reception

How should we enter the reception?

The Grand Entrance (our specialty, is a great way to create energy and enthusiasm to your Celebration. However, there is no right or wrong way. Work with your MC for your options.  You could even enter with a trumpet fanfare? Or other music?

Should the entire bridal party be announced on entry and how?

You have many options that are dependent on your family situation and your personal preferences.

What is the usual order of entry for the Bridal Party?

Flower-girls and Page-boys,
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen,
Maid (or Matron) of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man,
Bride & Groom.

Should the parents of the Bridal Couple be announced?

If you wish, of course they can. They may feel uncomfortable making a grand entrance. Often they choose to be seated with the guests and can be introduced to all prior to the grand entrance of the formal bridal party.

Will you announce the Bride and Groom as the couple enter?

Yes definitely!  It’s your celebration and you need to make a grand entrance. It’s a way to build the excitement for the function. Additionally, a little bit of anticipation and delay is a great way to enhance the excitement. Frankly, I see the way TV Talent shows add delays to be an absolute pain and anti-climax.  But when it is done with skill and the appropriate delay it adds impact to the announcement and your entrance.

Can you provide a sample program?

Yes that’s easy. But every wedding is different. Be assured that I will help you with your ideas, make suggestions and assist you to weigh up the options.

Can we play some party games?

Why not, if that’s what you want.  Just provide me with your game preference/s and it will happen.

Can you read the ‘telegrams’ for us?

Yes, definitely.  Additionally I can guarantee to censor them for you at the same time if that is what you want. I have a well modulated voice with very clear diction and can give your guests the impression that I am not actually reading them (as long as the text is written clearly for me).


Where should the speeches be – before or after dinner?

You can have some before and some after main course or all speeches after main course or dessert. The choice is yours.  The question is “How long do you want to make your guests wait for dinner?” The answer to this will assist in scheduling your reception.

Should we have toasts?

No wedding is complete without a ‘Toast to the Bride and Groom’.  Any other toasts that you schedule are up to you. However, if you invite guests to speak be assured that as the newly-married couple, many will want to toast you.

What is the order of speeches?

There is a traditional order, however it can be flexible. How many speakers will you have? And who will they be (e.g. Father of Bride, Best Man, Bridesmaid perhaps)?  The answers will help formulate the order of speeches.


What about blue and smutty humour at a wedding?

It is definitely out of place. A wedding is a place of happiness and joy where all guests are supposed to feel welcome and NEVER be offended. The same applies to the guests of honour, the bride and her groom. Language and tone must be appropriate for the occasion. Murray can help you minimise and even eliminate embarrassment from your reception when you engage him as your Master of Ceremonies.


Why plan the flow of a function/ reception?

So caterers know when to serve meals, the band knows when to play and speakers know when not to disappear for a cigarette. Additionally you want the reception to be tight and flowing.

Do you assist with planning?

Yes, definitely if that’s what you want. Planning is one of my absolute strengths.

How can you help with Planning?

By going though your desired procedure, pointing out advantages and potential threats to the programme and its timings. At one wedding the caterers were intent on serving main course at 10:00 pm. There were many young children present and the next day was a work day for many. This was just too late. The risk here is that many guests will leave the reception early.

Wedding Training

What Specialist Training have you undertaken?

The Marbecca Method – Master of Ceremonies Bronze Workshop, Brisbane.

The Marbecca Method – Master of Ceremonies Silver Workshop in Brisbane.

The Entertainment Experience – Main benefit here was staging issues, making your photographs look better.



“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden